About us

Wytwórnia Octu i Musztardy in Parczew is one of the significant producers of food additives on Polish market.

Brand Parczew products are recognizable and valued by customers. Because of unique taste and high quality they are frequently awarded in contests and plebiscites.

Uniqueness of Parczew products is an effect of strict observance of technological norms, some of them not changed for over 40 years , and work of team of experienced and responsible experts. Brand Parczew products are produced from high quality raw materials deriving from  Lubelskie region with high ecological purity.

Yearly Wytwórnia Octu I Musztardy produces 4 million liters of vinegar and  2 thousand tons of mustard. It’s affiliated in Polish Federation of Vinegar Manufacturers, what gives to Wytwórnia right to use trademark BIO VINEGAR, which guarantees that vinegar was produced from natural raw materials/ingredients.


Wytwórnia Octu I Musztardy Ltd. in Parczew was established in 1969 as a state owned enterprise  which operated sequentially in the structures of the State Local Industry, Lublin Plant Fruit and Vegetable Industry (since 1979) , Lublin Betting Spirit and Yeast Industry Polmos ( since 1975) and finally Combine Industrial and Agricultural Fructopol in Lublin ( since 1981). In 1990 it was transformed into an independent business entity called Wytwórnia Octu i Musztardy w Parczewie. In the years 1990-1998 has undergone modernization, which is now continued. Since 2010, it is a commercial company belonging to Apis -Vita drużba za proizwodnjo d.o.o.



  • 2012 .: main prize – Quality sing from Dziennik Wschodni, in the prestigious competition “Our Good Lublin/Nasze Dobre Lubleskie”.
  • 2011 .: distinction from Chapter of honor for mustard Kremska in the prestigious competition “Our Good Lublin/Nasze Dobre Lubleskie”.
  • 2005 .: award under the patronage of the President of the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification – “Mercury Hat”.
  • 2004 .: nominated for national award “Mercury Hat” for “high quality and market success of the products”.
  • 2003 .: “Laurel Podlasie” in the category “Product of the Year” for mustard Kremska in the plebiscite “Word of Podlasie”.
  • 2002 .: diploma in the plebiscite “Good because Lublin/Dobre bo Lubelskie”.
  • 1998 .: reward for the taste of produced mustard at the “Smakosz’98” Przemyskie International Fair Centre; honorable mention for a barbecue mustard, horseradish and Kremska in the competition “The best product in terms of quality” at the VII Exhibition of Foodstuffs Production of High Quality National in Lublin; diploma for the nominee in the “National Promotion Competition” at the International Fair of Agricultural and Food “Acropolis” in Rzeszow.