Vinegar – taste and smell in the kitchen Date: 5 December 2015 Author: WOM Parczew

Vinegars family is very large and diverse. The various types differ in taste, smell and use. The kitchen uses primarily white vinegar, rice vinegar, white and black vine vinegar, and friut vinegar for example apple cider vinegar.

Suitable for food vinegar, typically 6- or 10 percent, is an aqueous solution of acetic acid resulting from the acetic acid alcohol fermentation.
Most often it treated as a condiment acidifying. It is also a most important ingredient in marinades and used for the preservation of mushrooms, cucumbers and other vegetables.

However, it also has less standard applications. 2 tablespoons of vinegar added to the water in which we boil eggs, prevents the shells not to crack and then allows us to peel them easily. Fish cooked in water with a tablespoon of vinegar does not fall apart. Soaked in vinegar before cooking are more sweet and delicate. Vinegar also makes the cooked rice to become less sticky. It works as well as a marinade for meat, which kills the bacteria and makes it more sensitive.

A few words about musztardówka (jar in which mustard was sold) Date: 5 December 2015 Author: WOM Parczew

Musztardówka, a glass jar in the shape of a cylinder, in which mustard was sold. It was usually a capacity of about 0.2 l. It served not only mustard :)

Mustard Museum Date: 5 December 2015 Author: WOM Parczew

The position of mustard as a condiment is evidenced by the fact that there is Mustard Museum. It is situated in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, USA. Its collections include more than four thousand containers of glass, plastic and metal with the tastiest types of mustard harvested in the United States and in more than 60 countries around the world. Since 1991 every first Sunday of August is celebrated the World Day of Mustard.

Mustard for health Date: 5 December 2015 Author: WOM Parczew

Mustard contains few calories and fat, but it is rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin B. Research shows that stimulates brain activity. Aids digestion, stimulates the appetite, positively affects the cardiovascular, antibacterial, relieves rheumatism and … is an aphrodisiac (or at least a grain of mustard seed have love potential). Besides the therapeutic effects of mustard was known to people for thousands of years. This has been confirmed by scientific research.

Mustard for the palate Date: 5 December 2015 Author: WOM Parczew

There are many types of mustard with different flavors and aromas. There are mild and spicy mustards. Almost sweet mustard and with a clear note of herbs, wine, horseradish, lemon … mild mustards are made from white mustard (hereinafter sometimes clear or yellow, lat. Sinapis alba), these spicy – from black (Brassica nigra). The taste of mustard is determined by the quality mustard seeds and spices composition. Mustard is a great addition to cold meats and sausages, it’s also added to sauces and marinades. It is also used to give the meat a suitable consistency (the meat becomes more brittle). It stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, facilitating digestion, that’s why it is called the “golden key that unlocks the appetite.” The French say that mustard is for the stomach like, “the horsewhip for the horse racing, gourmet and consummate rider should use the whip with moderation”.

Ketchup idea Date: 5 December 2015 Author: WOM Parczew

David Stockman, the official in charge of the US budget (term of President Reagan) in 1981 submitted a project aimed at replacing the compulsory daily servings of vegetables for schoolchildren  with cheap ketchup, consisting mainly of potato flour and red colored water to save money  of social services. His idea didn’t meet with understanding.

Ketchup in medicine Date: 5 December 2015 Author: WOM Parczew

Ketchup in the 30s of the nineteenth century was sold as a medicine because of its high content of beta-carotene.

Fan club of ketchup Date: 5 December 2015 Author: WOM Parczew

The motto of ketchup members of the fan club, founded in New York City says: “No matter what you eat, ketchup always fits perfectly.”. Ketchup lovers meet once a month for common cooking. They also plan to release books with the recepies of gourmet food with ketchup.

Ketchup and cleaning Date: 5 December 2015 Author: WOM Parczew

Ketchup successfully removes the patina  of copper and silver items. It should be covered with a coat surface of ketchup, and then rinse with water.

Ketchup and health Date: 5 December 2015 Author: WOM Parczew

Good quality ketchup contains lycopene, which has the effect of anti-cancer and protect against heart disease, myocardial infarct, strokes and diabetes. Lycopene in the form of ketchup is absorbed better than from fresh tomatoes. Regular consumption of ketchup affects the reduction of bad cholesterol in the blood.