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Wytwórnia Octu i Musztardy w Parczewie Sp. z o.o. is producing mustard according to over 40 years old recipes in several flavours/types: Delikatesowa , Spicy , Horseradish, Stołowa, Kremska and Honey . The unique taste of Parczew’ mustard has been appreciated by consumers and connoisseurs . Confirmation of high quality of mustard brand Parczew are prizes at fairs, contests and polls .

Honey mustard Date: 22 October 2015 Author: WOM Parczew


Honey mustard combines best attributes of honey and mustard. Sweet and tender taste of honey, accented by strong character of mustard gives amazing combination. It has warm colour and mellow taste thanks to carrefully choosen recipe, which was composed with the aim of dishes from chicken, meats, sausages and salads.

Horseradish mustard Date: 22 October 2015 Author: WOM Parczew


Mustard with strong taste of horseradish. Homogenous and light cream. Delicious garnish to white sausages, knuckle. It fits great to roasted and cooked meat and eggs.

Spicy mustard Date: 22 October 2015 Author: WOM Parczew


Perfect for those who likes strong feelings. It will add spiciness to grilled food, sausages, shasliks, meats and sauces. It’s characterized by coarsely ground mustard seeds and flaming, dark colour.

Delikatesowa mustard Date: 22 October 2015 Author: WOM Parczew


Harmonious, with classical and traditional taste. It’s based on white charlock. Light colour combined with mildness of sweet consistency makes Delikatesowa mustard perfect to compose with all meals, hot sausages, salads.

Stołowa mustard Date: 22 October 2015 Author: WOM Parczew


Her mild visage is more subdued, universal and less sweet than Delikatesowa. Tender, classic taste thanks to white mustard seeds. Harmonious, homogeneous creamy consistency will please every mustard lover.

Sarepska mustard Date: 22 October 2015 Author: WOM Parczew


Unique taste comes from coarsely ground white mustard seeds and deriving from Russia spicy Sarepska mustard. It’s thick consistency and clear spicy taste will add character to roasted meats and sandwiches.

Kremska mustard Date: 14 October 2015 Author: WOM Parczew


It’s characteristic taste comes from light hint of sweetenes and composition of carefully selected spices. Visible coarsely ground seeds in light yellow or light brown colour- this is the result of combiantion of white mustard seeds, sarepska mustard seeds and Kremska spice, gives Kremska mustard unique characteristic.