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Mexican sandwich

1 roll
5 slices of salami with paprika
2 slices of cheese
4 slices of chilli peppers
herbal salt
a few slices of cucumber green
Salsa Paprika:
Slice red pepper
spicy ketchup Parczew
small ripe tomato
We begin with the preparation of salsa.

Cut peppers and tomato into small pieces, mix with chili.
Put salsa and spicy ketchup Parczew on the cut roll.
Sequentially put the salami, cheese and a few slices of cucumber.
Season with herbal salt.
Bon Appetit!

  • Portions 2 portions
  • Preparation time 30 minutes
  • Print recipe

Spicy ketchup

Ads spiciness to all dishes. Perfectly fits to roasted sausages, pizza, sauces, crisps, roasted chicken and fries. Original recipe and handy plastic bottle is a comfortable solution for barbecue and picnic in the nature lovers.

  • Weight 500g